Monday, September 30, 2013


Deaf Wish - Northcote Social Club, Monday Sept 2nd 2013.
Another great set from these guys, fabulous singing, fabulous haircuts and some fabulous Sonic Youthy moments of guitar interleaving, weaving, choking and stroking - good, under-3-minute, vicious, angry, flailing,  slamming Sonic Youth that is : Catholic Block or Brother James none of that navel gazing noodly shite...

Tonite they were on fire and the set included  Elementary School  and its irresistable titular chorus  provided me with a sing along moment or two.

"The title should appear in the chorus, in a way that, by virtue of its placement in the chorus and/or its degree of repetition, we know it's the title. If words or phrases other than the title repeat in the chorus, or in strong positions, the listener won't know which is the title when they call the radio station to request it or ask for it at the record store, which is why you sometimes see songs with two titles, like "Untitled (How Does It Feel)," "Blue (Ba Da Dee)" or "C'mon and Ride It (The Train)" Ð that usually means that someone felt the song's title was not its strongest hook, or even that the song has two hooks and they're covering their bets by putting both in the title. Since you can't buy or request a song if you can't remember its name, these are very important commercial considerations."

I saw a poster the other night in the old bar for a gig they played in 2008 but sharing around vocals, intros, spit  and adrenalin with abandon they are definitely one of Melbourne's best live bands still - I certainly go and see them whenever I get the chance...well..that is whenever they play at my local....err for Free, but I defy you not to love this stuff - its just brilliant...

 Exhaustion/Lower plenty side-projector Jensen said he was going to auction his guitar at the gig , in order to buy an ipod... But as you can see from the video it is a piece of shit, after the show when I asked him how much he had been  offered he admitted he would have to give the thing away. Sounded great in his hands anyways.

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