Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bitch Prefect

Bitch Prefect , Gasometer, Collingwood. 21st Sept 2013
Saw the last song by Sarah Chadwick ....cos I was late (great aussie accent..awful lyrics (on the  song I saw) did she used to be in Batrider? who knows..its not the sort of thing you can ask at a show like this....) is that enough brackets? ) , only watched the first song by Exhaustion (cos they sounded shit) and then nearly missed the 'Beetches set cos I was drinking beer and gossiping in the bar. ...managed to creep into the bandroom to see the last couple of tunes though (and an intro through the wall of the Gents earlier , but that probably doesn't count)..Im not a complete heathen.
These guys may look and dress like the worst kind of eastern suburb smack heads but deep inside, their fluffy hearts are safely wrapped in an old school C86 Anorak.

Their jangly pop builds on the legacy of the Chills and the Moles, with respectful forelock touching as they shuffle past  the Pastels and BMX bandits before prostrating themselves before the altar of the TV Personalities. ..maybe I'm reading too much into it: perhaps they just want to be Sandpit and don't know how.
And boy do they jangle, no bass here sonny...all fender top end strum and furious pounding drums , no songs over two and a half minutes:  its born again indie guitar pop fundamentalist jihad.
So is there a place for this stuff in the gay two-teenies? Why not? it doesnt sound retro, a good song is a good song and presumably  it sounds pretty fresh to kids bought up on Kanye/Coldplay/JJJ/Whatever : "guys who dont have a Mac on stage!! RAD!!"

..any way here they are playing the very wonderful "in any normal universe - should've been a massive hit" Holiday in America (with extra bonus points for the nun T-shirt):

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