Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Pinn'd, Tago Mago, Thornbury. 30th Aug 2013
Im not really too up on my electronic music sub-sub-sub genres ...dont know my glitch from my witch so to speak . But I like these guys. They do some really quite ephemeral gazey stuff then theres the songs where Annemarie cranks the bass up, beats get minimal and Nancy conjures up the ghosts (are they dead?) of blooozy soul vamps like Eartha Kitt and Shirley Bassey with her amazing voice. The girls played at the 2nd Gfleck gig at Tago Mago in Thornbury with the mighty Bulls, and while the track I filmed : Rain may not be as immediate as some of their tunes, it shows what they are about and you can almost touch the enthusiasm they radiated all through the short set.

 I have no doubt , on another night , when the bass is a bit bigger, the crowd a bit louder, the lights a bit brighter we will witness some real magic from pinn'd.
 Heres my fave from their latest cassette release: FreeTime

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