Monday, August 15, 2016


Marquis De Sade, Rennes, France.

VvvV - In Nantes
Electric tension : A great taster of the incredible VvvV live experience, so much pent up energy, threat and impetus barely constrained behind those cruelly mistreated keyboards.

This show was the last of a string of dates they did with mnttaB earlier in the year. The best one by a long shot, a big thanks to the KFuel crew and the crazies of Rennes for taking a break from destroying banks and punching police horses to dance their way through an intense and powerful set.

Look out for lots more shows in Oct/Nov and the debut  LP due for release through Detonic Recordings around the same time... 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hi-Tec Emotions

Hi-Tec Emotions being fabulous, like they do. In the daylight, in the front bar of the Tote, kicking off proceedings at the Rack-off Fest.

Friday, April 1, 2016


Rack Off! - Tote, Collingwood. March 5th 2016
Another combo who are evolving with every show into an awesome live experience. I wasn't exactly blown away when I fist saw them play, but now they are one of my favourite Melbourne bands.
This track Hidden is featured on the new LP promised any day now. Recorded by Phil Calvert "Moloch" will be released by Mass Media Records and the bands Lost in Fog label.

This was recorded from the Rack Off Festival on the Tote Mainstage (too close to the Stack!) and sound was set wrong on the zoom so I had to fiddle around with it to get rid of the bass boom...still not the best audio I'm afraid.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Public Bar , North Melbourne. 30th August 2015


Great to see this combo re-invented after a very public disintegration upstairs at the Tote (which in my warped mind also counted as top notch entertainment).
Ive always had a soft spot for this lot and the feeling that they were always on the verge of complete chaos was for me part of the charm.
Anyway the two new synth players make the bands sound a more robust, reliable and tuneful proposition than ever before , killing it with a mostly new set perfectly topped off by the slightly unnerving Stepford air stewardess goes bad outfit.
This  track is of course an Oldie but goodie , featuring on a new compilation (alongside Prison) , check that out here.

Whitney Houstons Crypt

Bar Open, Brunswick. June 18 2015
5 Word Review: "...that chicks off her nut..."



Stockholm Straight Edge, Stockholm, Sweden. 4th April 2015

Hey when the airfare is only $700 who wouldn't fly to Stockholm to see Ampere and Suis La Lune???
A day and a half in transit for 15 minutes of sheer sand blasted adrenalin.



Bar Open, Fitzroy, Melbourne . March 9th 2015

I fell in love with this band when they played on a dark autumn night in Fitzroy, it was a really magical evening, I ate a Falafel on the way home, it was dry. They played this tune and I'm counting the days until they venture forth from Denmark again.