Saturday, September 26, 2015


Public Bar , North Melbourne. 30th August 2015


Great to see this combo re-invented after a very public disintegration upstairs at the Tote (which in my warped mind also counted as top notch entertainment).
Ive always had a soft spot for this lot and the feeling that they were always on the verge of complete chaos was for me part of the charm.
Anyway the two new synth players make the bands sound a more robust, reliable and tuneful proposition than ever before , killing it with a mostly new set perfectly topped off by the slightly unnerving Stepford air stewardess goes bad outfit.
This  track is of course an Oldie but goodie , featuring on a new compilation (alongside Prison) , check that out here.


  1. Any info on where can I find the solid recording I heard on Pandora?

  2. Theres a 7" available... hit em up on Facebook: