Monday, September 23, 2013

Native Cats

Native Cats , Gasometer, Collingwood. 21st Sept 2013

So tonite we went to see a band with only two people in it, one of them was a grumpy bearded librarian in a Black Flag t-shirt playing a tinny bass, the singer was a strange flat chested chick who looked like one the guys from Chasers war on everything who spent half the night playing on her Nintendo DS. They also  had  a little box which did Bontempi drum sounds and keys. They were bloody brilliant.

I'm usually a bit dismissive of two piece bands..."that's not a real band: its just a drummer and someone making shit up as they go along" (aka Lightning Bolt)....but I guess I like Soft Cell ...Blancmange.....Bros....Wham..Sparks...Yazoo....the Creatures....Yello...Chas and Dave....Peters and Lee...
Donnie and Marie..... ok: changed my mind,..two pieces' feckin Rule!!!

Native Cats are obviously a well oiled hit machine after their US jaunt and the guys have a bit of chemistry going on resulting in a surprisingly (for me)  absorbing and entertaining show. I was really shocked by the fact the place wasn't sold out : every indie rock radio station on the planet has them on their playlist: you get the feel the band are dangling their feet over the edge of being huge... big in Hobart I guess.

Unfortunately my random song selection means I taped them playing "Cavalier" which is of course served much better by the official clip here , the new LP is called Dallas:

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