Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Map Ends

Map Ends,Yah Yahs Collingwood, June 27th 2013
Well the inaugural “Geschwind” curated pop concert didnt exactly seize the interest of the melbourne public..not even a passing drunk stopped in to see the bands…and this was Smith St ferchrissakes. Cant blame it on Springsteen being in town this time either… any way I had a top night and properly appreciated the entertainment provided..for me…and me alone…as it turned out.


Map Ends were simmering and malevolent even as their songs and amps crumbled about them …maybe not breaking too much new ground more like digging up the backyard to dispose of body parts.
This tune has the working title of “Marks Song” and Kats vocal somehow reminds me of “World turned Dayglo” which cant be a bad thing , even if thats probly not exactly her intent!

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