Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hex on The Beach

Hex on the Beach, Northcote Social Club, Sept 2nd 2013

 I Saw this band twice in the one week and I'm really looking forward to the next time. Mondays show was in retrospect a little stilted, (the band  vetoed my publishing the video clip cause they weren't happy with the performance) but Fridays set flowed a little easier: with  the guitar sound closer to a Blood and Roses chalk on blackboard scrape than a Young people/UT clang, I have to say I'm happy with either ,the high point for me is the 3 part disharmony of the no-wave coven chants anyway, when that comes together it lifts them above the primal instrumentation and they fly.
The band say there's a single in the works and there's definitely some tunes online , of which this is my fave : Fire Mountain...those drums .. its bleak at times, its discordant at times but its beautiful stuff all the times...sort of reminds of the (proto chromedome) DeafDeaf stuff...a bit...I can lose myself in this as easily as I can in hardcore or noise or techno or drone..some people won't get it....

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