Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dire Ears

Dire Ears , Loop. Sunday 6th October 2013
I'm always at a loose end on Sundays and normally just get depressed...Sunday afternoon gigs: love em!
We missed Penguins and Dire Ears (get it? get it? its a play on words, try saying it real quick over an over again) were in full flight as we walked down a deserted Bourke Street so luckily we were able to walk to the sound of the throbs , luckily that is 'cos I was just about to turn in completely the wrong direction and get totally lost..
Loop is up a laneway opposite the Old Metro and is probably some sort of arty trendy pseudo dive bar during the week, there were thick Perspex abattoir curtains on multiple rails and about a dozen projectors around the walls...and Stella on tap.

Dire Ears didnt need the projectors though, dude brought his own rig : 4 industrial strength halogen lamps mounted on a stand behind his gear facing the audience, Its easy to recognise this guy if you saw him on the tram though: the back of his neck and head will be pretty severely sunburnt.

The retina blazing worked really well with the harsh white noise screaming pulse he was coaxing out of a pile of gadgets on the desk.  I made a mental note to check my Non record when I got home to see if it was this good and ...errr..yes it was/is.

Pronouns projected images onto the wall as he did his stuff, it was , for me, a bit old hat though..nothing you havent seen a million times..I wondered initially if the images were the noise visualised but that that thought didnt last long: clouds, blurs, water..whatever. I didnt think the noise was as good as the first act either, there were more tonal elements and probably a bit more dynamics...but I liked Dire Ears relentless barrage better...

I didn't bother taping anything....check out Dictaphone weirdo for 13 minutes of Dire Ears audio bliss if you feel the need...

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