Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pioneers of Good Science

So, the football was crap: $100 for the tickets - 0:0 draw..I had a cold..I should've gone to bed .but we headed over to Nth Fitzroy for this thing...A yuppie bar full of hipsterettes drinking (as I did ) $8 stubbies of Czech beer that would cost 30c at their place of origin. The venue was a "Cinema" in the back with room for maybe 30 people...more like a TV/rumpus room in any mcMansion out Templestowe way ..but with less air con.... would be good for porn  I remember thinking ...but the p.a sucked ..ok I wasn't in the mood for anything other than quality time with my ever-faithful doona ..but I did enjoy a lot of what these guys did....

Who could resist those 3 word verse/choruse/refrains...and then theres that glorious chugging (foo fighters "Everlong") guitar part ..(I know..Im sorry ....(shame on me ( I recognised it)(now I cant get it out of my head)) .).. and at last: badly dressed, ugly...UGLY band people  - im soooo sick of cute bass players and bands who look like they got a stylist when what they needed was an idea..

ok: sometimes there was too much -almost-grungey-over-fuzzed-guitar-pedally shite thrashing around with nowhere to go : its another bloody 2 piece after all ...but potential fer sure...can I go home to bed now? pls?

The video back drop was great : road trip "out the window" footage with green screened rotating universe nebulas overlaid with synthetic rain/snow/ash drop.... how I imagine driving through a forest fire would look....

Anyway check out the bandcamp tunes: "the end always is"...has another 3 word vocal...and "the only way" slows it down for the ladeez with motown drums, colossally distorted spiralling guitar skating along replete with neck hair tingling golden lifestyle band vocal flash backs ..stupidly good stuff.

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