Saturday, April 19, 2014


Vacuum, Pony April 4th 2014.

Vacuum is most of  ASPS and some of  NUN, so it was a fairly safe bet they weren't going to play acoustic folk covers.
The women operated from and across a table loaded with synths, pedals, effects and god knows what else, feverishly working the gear into the release of a throbbing droning and oscillating electro pulse, the colossal beats and wash of the noise squall softened and textured  by occasional dual moaning chant vocals riding over and through and meshed into it all as and when needed.
The music was oppressive (in a good (?)way) and reminded me of some old industrial flagellation like Laibach or Neubaten , at times almost Swans like in its S&M delivery..

While I appreciate that its easier to wheel a pre-prepared table of cable spaghetti on to the stage it does become a bit of a barrier between artiste and audience, gimme kneeling on the floor, or a precariously balanced shopping trolley/bar stool/beercrate stack any day. ..more of an observation than anything though : the songs were as cold as ice , heavy as lead and as unstoppable as an would not be wise to get too close.

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