Monday, March 31, 2014

Cloud Control

Cloud Control, Joes Surf Shack, Sorrento. March 28th 2014.
On what must surely be the last weekend of our fading  Indian summer, with what definitely was the first flu of an impending Melbourne winter, what could be better than this? 
Sitting in the sun, beer in hand, sea at your back watching the best pop group in Australia do their stuff to a largely disinterested group of pre-footy diners.

They played a brief set of their hits (it was free after all, and they are playing twice a day for a month all in the aid of promoting some beer.. I missed  the name..) , and of course I chose to tape one of their less mesmerising songs: more Mamas and Papas than Coldplay but hey! there's a large proportion of the world (Now including Gwyneth) who would be quite happy with that. Its not exaggerating to say the vocal harmonies are up in that league too (no, not that of the unconsciously couplers'), very  pretty. I know I shouldn't...but I like em.

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