Sunday, April 20, 2014

Multiple Man

Multiple Man. Boney, April 4th 2014
Multiple Man were down to support the release of their new single Guilt Culture (released on the insanely cool Detonic Recordings label) , and they got both sides of that out of the way pretty quickly, along with the previous release Body Double, you get the impression that the brothers are finding it hard to keep on top of a flood of ideas and energy at the moment , and  the new songs that made up the bulk of the set take them up to the next couple of levels in terms of dynamics, hooks and danceability.

The rhythms are monstrous and unrestrainable: I don't think I've been to too many gigs in
Melbourne were the whole room is dancing to the band, but tonight the entire crowd was heaving.  The NSC show was a little more restrained but still there was a pretty impressive amount of shimmying for late on a school night, you have to have something pretty wrong with you to stay standing still in front of these guys.
Extra brownie points for the Heresy T-shirt too....a very obscure UK hardcore band from the late 80's...I think I saw them with the Stupids once,,, yeh I know:  such a train spotter.

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