Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dead Boomers

Dead Boomers. Northcote Social Club, April 7th 2014.
Tonite was the first time Id seen the Dead Boomers, and they were fuckin mind-blowingly intense. Noise, Noise, Noise and furious demeneted distorted vocal bark. With foot on monitor , Emo hairdo dangling over low slung equipment table and those concrete crushing Big Black binary beats : its just so Rock And Roll and so ANTI Rock and Roll.

I love those hand grip things the guys use ( hang on where did I see that before? Hans Harms? yep now I remember: batteries run out ..great set) literally SQUEEEZING the hideously mangled sound out (or whatever it is the thing actually does) in some sort of macho inverted muscle building death-grip spasm... Awesome.

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