Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Ohms , Tote Front Bar, Collingwood. Dec 21st 2013

This turned out to be one of those fabulous Melbourne summer nights that started early, finished earlier and didn't really need the jumper you almost lost at each stop. Tom Lincoln and Ohms at the Tote, Footy (we won) in the city, Cuntz and TV colours at the Vice party and then back to the Tote Cobra Bar for dancing to crap jazz/blues/beebop tunes and somehow I got home with the money I left with!!! (I didn't wake up next to a half finished  curry/kebab but heh 5 out of 6 aint bad..).

Anyway back to Ohms :  This is the turbo-powered punky-pop sparkler-topped bottomless-low-carb-mocktail that Debbie Harry would've Dyed her roots for (err I mean "did"). The girl/boy voices go together like 7/11 Slurpees and yesterdays Donuts, with really irresistible (chuckle- irresistible - Ohms ..get it?) harmonies and tormenting earworm choruses that last well beyond the use by date.

Following the new Geschlect editorial policy I am compelled to say this group had a good beat , splendid glow in the dark fluoro pink bass strings, and the singer was cute.... and they have a good name too....ah enough of this - Im gonna stick the boot in!!!

For some reason I have a "Dancehall Crashers" cd and the vox really remind of that band , but that Cd is a bit of a guilty secret, you see I have a bit of problem getting too enthusiastic about pop groups with cute girls in , I keep thinking "go get ready for your prom or whatever" ..prove
 to me you really are ugly on the inside like the rest of us...but this time I just concentrated on the dayglo bass strings so it wasn't a problem....

For me the better tunes came towards the end of the set when her voice started to rasp a bit, So I'm gonna skip poking fun at the battle of the bands stage presence and the Crown-casino-Bacharach-esque number (which was actually pretty good but dont tell anyone) and give my "dix ponts" to the last song , the gloriously titled "Nightmares of Gene Simmons"  where a "Brain that wouldnt die"-like verse sets up  a nearly, (not quite), but touching on, "This is my fist" chorus ..resulting in : pure-downhill slalom punky-pop-magic.

mmmmm that reminds me:  I love "This is my fist" ..so while you are at it listen to this puppy for an idea of  where  pop-punk might lead  when you cut the saccharine with a bit of strychnine , snort a couple of lines of it and find something to get REALLY pissed off about.

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