Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Tote Front Bar, Collingwood. Jan 11 2014
If I had gone to last weeks episode of the Cuntz Tote residency then I think I would have seen them every weekend since the end of November....and you know? there IS such a thing as too much of a really bad thing.
Anyway this week the front bar was heaving (once the 'Muteants (supporting)  finally gave up on the "technical issues" wank and got their shit together (aka found the power lead)), people tearing themselves away from the high risk BBQ in the beer garden and pouring back into the front bar when the band kicked into another brilliant set.
One day I'm gonna get a decent camera but until then: Heres a fake disco Jam from Melbourne's fav fake synth punk band in fake super 8...

Hmm just realised this as bad as my first attempt to film these guys in 2012...

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