Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Julie Ruin

Corner Hotel, Richmond. Jan 15 2014
What a difference a week makes: if the crowd for Deafheaven was 90% males who didn't have a girlfriend, then tonight it was 90% women who did and I was kicking myself for not wearing my flower print dress and full sleeve tat ensemble..
The vibe was great: the Corner was packed to capacity but still it seemed everyone had a little bit of space to dance and I only got told off once for getting in someone's way.

So Kathleen is a bona fide legend and we hung on every word she said and sang, no "Run so fast" (which really wouldn't have worked live)  but "Goodnight Goodbye" , "Come On!" and "Just my type" delivered the pop hits most bands only dream of, the mix was kind to Kathleen's vocals (or rather to our ears) and she looked great (yes, I know.. but...), seemed to be of good health and having fun even though the dance moves were arguably appropriate to her age ...unlike the outfit which can only be described as "Feminist Statement".
Last time I saw her ( 20 years ago at the Bull and Gate....) Bikini Kills' (boy) guitarist had to wear a pigs head through the entire set so I guess those statements are getting more refined (if no more decipherable to a poor hetero/chauvinist/running dog lackey of paternalism like myself) over time, but It was all brilliant ...and so nice to see bands at the top of their game playing shows in little old Oz.

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