Saturday, December 14, 2013

Silver Daggers

Silver Daggers, We Didn't Pay EP. (NotNotFun)

Id only discovered Missing Link/Collectors Corner place was open a week or so before, scary since I park my bike nearly opposite most days, its a couple of doors down (and a couple of flights up ) from where the old Missing Link shop used to be and is more collectors corner than new stuff, even though there's a few new releases there and really you only go into these places to get a copy of Vice and look at the flyers don't you , really?...oh and to go see bands play for free at lunchtime like.. "Four Door" today...

The guy who did what vocals there were commented that they were probably better appreciated a bit later in the certainly was almost uncomfortable watching the largely static pair fiddling with their knobs and switches with the afternoon sun  coming through the windows . It all sounded a bit "electronica" to me and I made a mental note not to bother staying up too late to see them later that night.

But I got there a few minutes early and had a flick through the singles section while they got their shit together, finding this little gem tucked away in the "discount punk/hardcore/emo 7"" section. I've got no idea why I had this band name in my "look out for" list , but I did, I cant find any of their songs downloaded on my machines so it must just have been something I read.
Anyway I couldn't resist buying it: beautiful recycled card  sleeve, stitched and screen printed, with some cool graphics and lyrics on the insert pages. The liner notes say it was recorded at the Smell (some sort of anarcho/community venue/space in CA) and it sounds like it may have been live to an cassette player during a rehearsal but it still works .

The keyboards are not real strong in the anti-mix, you wouldnt call this synth-punk  but the vocals and spastic rhythms are up there with the Dog Faced Hermans, The Ex and all those English post-Big Flame bipolar/scatter/thrash bands from the same aesthetic/era that informed the sleeve art.

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