Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jonny Telafone

Jonny Telafone, Liberty Social Club. Nov 21st 2013

The liberty social is a very dark, very smelly Goth club ..all very distressed-dystopia I'm sure, but it has - I can state with no fear of contradiction, the most foul, putrid, rank and sickly decomposing sticky-carpet known to Christendom, it makes Yah Yahs look like Crown Casino. Yucko.
I'd never heard of this dude before tonight, but he was a very cool . His voice was treated to buggery and the backing track canned so the set had an almost surreal "Blade Runner-out-take Marc Almond/Simon le Bon space-station-karaoke crooning" quality, especially with the awesome rear projections which had his image rotating in a cube like some kind of New Romantic Zod in the phantom zone.

Here's my (as always) crappy clip of Jonny doing his stuff:

And here's the real thing:

So this was the showcase/wake for Nhilistic Orbs label, no playing times were announced because we were assured bands would be playing in chronological order with the Primitive Calculators taking Chromedomes' (NO003) spot. Hmmm maybe that was just a ploy to get people there early cos we left during Forces/Repairs  (NO006/4) (I can never tell them buggers apart) and there was no sign of the CalcuDomes. It was a free show and by that time it was getting very packed and very warm.
ASPS (NO002) were a different act tonight, literally and figuratively : the singer was joined by an extra boy/girl synth pair that beefed up the sound and she let rip with a vocal range and strength that was unexpected. The last number in particular was really intense, exhilarating and spine tingling stuff...

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