Monday, December 23, 2013


Razorcut, Bendigo Hotel Dec 15th 2013
Same band , same venue but a different lineup for the Razorcuts : this time Chelsea cut Guitarist is replaced by Stern skin Gibson Boy, the ungainly singer replaced by a really tall and slightly more gainly front man (and he sang a few numbers on the floor which is always the way to bump up those Geschlect brownie points).
Notwithstanding the significant personnel changes and a slightly heavier feel Razorcut remain a really really good band, the new guitarist was actually excellent , I'm a fender man but when an SG is done well its hard to beat : this guy did the gang-vox and some crystal clear riffage that conjured up the greats like Dag Nasty and even the Ramones, and Best of all: not a single solo all the way through.
Rumour has it Santa may give me their new 10" for Christmas , if I'm good.... until then here's "Battles" from the show:

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