Thursday, November 14, 2013

Maggot Mass

First up: Shovels, ok its probably nothing too revolutionary : Old-school Big-bass AmRep-inspired Noise-Rock with a capital N. but it was just fucking amazing to see/hear a really talented musician like Mike Beach kicking out  such discordant, jarring , primal and totally excellent guitar abuse... bang goes my theory that people played like that because they had to.....
And this one in particular kicked , very soundly, thank you: Car Yards' got that Gordons like guitar feel , almost like somethings holding it back and its struggling to go ballistic at all times...even when finally unleashed.

'skipped Sewers and Gentlemen....but Adelaide based Terrible Truths bought a welcome breath of oestrogen to a day of macho swamp rock posturing, they looked very "catholic school "cool and get bonus points for channelling the Au-pairs..(maybe)....Passions ((early ) a bit) and.. Linus (no, maybe not, scrub that:  seriously I fucken hated Linus) but at the end of the day theres no mistaking the way girls play guitar...and how many boy bands swap instruments mid set? I love that... its more Un-rock than anything  the  "ironic" but straight faced retro fender twang by numbers the boys do, over and over again.

Cuntz: ok just back from "conquering" the states but still not really headline band material.. surely? ... yet , they went down well, and there was a bit of moshing happening ...but REALLY? REALLY? ... this material is not really ever gonna get you on the APRA best new artist awards list but I guess you have the get out of jail free of the band name yuh?
I cant help liking em though, theres something irresistible about the size and intensity of the giant neon FUCK YOU! they project,  they opened with the popticious "Bin Day" and the set still has a couple of tunes with a synth, friggin Zoom battery ran out in the first, but heres the second: "Meth":

Singer is pushing the boundary between some kind of bipolar but embarrassed 1st gig awkwardness and ...aforementioned bogan in a box swamp rock choreography...its actually quite weird and car-crash compelling to watch he angry or he wasted or pretending...both?..probly...after all they're pretty much two sides of the same coin... nice Gun Club T-Shirt too.

New album is available in Aus now from Homeless records, here's the other synth led track: Never felt Better...

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