Monday, November 25, 2013

Elizabeth Pistol Club

Grace Darling Basement, 16th Nov 2013

 ...maybe a lesser man would question his taste when he rates a band so highly and the rest of the (scumbag bogan "you am I" loving ) music stealing world doesn't even notice they exist...Not me! I'm never happier than when I'm the only person standing in a bowling club at midday appreciating a rapidly warming watery domestic and watching a band that has driven everyone else out into the sun.
But tonight the grace darling basement is very dark, the p.a is sub-"screamo band house show" standard and the décor downright tacky...I dont really connect with the Grace Darling story..  Proto Feminist Riot Grrrl icon maybe .. boy! that chick could row..but the sea was involved so you can forgive the clichéd theme the Pubs'  interior decorator latched onto: a few ships in bottles/knotted ropes/melted candles/paintings of wrecks and a 100 years of rising damp/solitude.

Anyway  as I should have mentioned EPC are a brilliant band.. I love the sturdy churning baselines, the deadpan almost gothic ranting, thunderous drums and caterwauling guitar they sound like they should be from Bradford not Brunswick. I couldn't get a clip of them cos it was so dark the guys couldn't even see the dots on their fret boards ..I tried to get a cunning sillouette of the singer but failed miserably..que "Sony Swirl" effect to the rerscue!....also had to  chop the first verse cos the vocal levels were screwed....quality job I know...but Im gonna put this out there cos the band has a policy of only playing one show per year, and Im not getting any younger.

This song is called Stabilizers and while it takes me back - as they always do to Lack of Knowledge (listen to "apologies for the early bits " and tell me Im lying!) also though I'm ashamed to admit it, as I listened to the song again I was reminded of "I'm dead" appropriate : comparing a band that only 10 people have heard of to one that 13 have.

They ended the set with an epicly thumping version of "Nice Hands" give that a listen here....and get down to the 2014 show..

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