Monday, August 25, 2014


Odeon Hobart (DARK MOFO) June 21st 2014
So, I won flights to Hobart from Quantas..and who wouldn't want to be there to see the last ever Total Control gig? The weather was unbelievable (considering it was the shortest day of mid winter) and I never expected to be eating outside on solstice..unfortunately this factor bought out the locals so it was impossible to get into any of the festival events..there was a 500m queue for the foodhall and the Afterlife "party" was just dangerously stupidly overcrowded....they put HTRK on first , so we missed them and then Native Cats went on an hour early so we nearly missed them (after pushing through a crowd trying to get in or out of one of 2 bars in the building (next to the second stage)) but NUN delivered bigtime (phew : it was a really dodgy set at the Bendigo the week before!!) looking very cool under the inverted cross...Funny how I managed to tape Kino...again..

After that it all got really unpleasant (if you weren't as wrecked as the locals) and we watched a typically daggy scruff garage rock TC set from the balcony upstairs ...only song I recognised was "Meds" (again) ...none of the magic promised by the hype for the new LP in peace I guess.

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