Sunday, April 20, 2014

School Damage

School Damage. Northcote Social Club, April 7th 2014
School Damage are yet another side project for Jake Ausmuteant (alongside Carolyn Pronto who (wo)mans the keyboards) , the band have swelled from the initial 2 piece who recorded their debut cassette with a drummer and bass player making up the numbers. This was their first live performance ( the bass player had her flash/prompt cards spread all over the stage in front of her) but it was pretty impressive despite some hesitant moments: very melbourne, old skool, poppy, indie rock maybe but with some gorgeous echo's of the Shop Assistants in the vocals and tom-tom action (yeh : get a second drummer!!).
Rumour has it there is a single in the pipeline and Im sure they will become a staple of the gig circuit as winter wears on.

The tunes on the (sold out) debut cassette are all a bit more fragile than the big band sound and well worth a listen from here:

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