Thursday, November 28, 2013

Diesel Dudes

Rec Centre, Oakland CA. Aug 18th 2012

Goth Horse records finally got round to mailing me the wonderful  Diesel Dudes cassette : "Born Brute". I love this band ..they blew me away first time I heard them (random web trawling) and I got to experience them live in Oakland and San Francisco last year ...gimp masks, baby oil, mass push ups, free cheeseburgers...well you just had to be there I guess.

Main man Doug's songs at first seem like the archetypal EBM macho bullshit, but the songs question, overturn and completely compromise that mindset/conditioning/disease with pokerfaced irreverence. Despite the testosterone oozing muscle obsessions the boy aint no jock... as if the nappy didnt give that away.

 Okay I admit I cheated with this one 'cos its the mp3 dubbed onto the live video, it was filmed at the absolutely deranged REC Centre show with mnttaB last year. I got lost looking for the venue (as usual) and traipsed around parts of Oakland which I learned later where not exactly the best places to be wandering around after dark... but I found it (a decrepit rehearsal space filled with crazies) and had the best night of my trip.

Listen to this puppy- and then try to tell me you didn't wiggle at least 3 different parts of your anatomy ..probly in different directions at the same time!

I've always worshipped at the alter of guitar rock, but I often stray in moments of weakness, tempted by the irresistible appeal  of a badly operated sequencer.. no, credit where its due - its fucken hard to be this minimal and that exciting - this band takes me back to the guilty and largely secret pleasures of my youth listening to 12"s bought on dole day at the  Notting Hill Record Exchange from acts like Portion Control, HardCorps and of course Nitzer Ebb..and Im pretty fucken happy about that.

 Rumour has it the boys are putting the finishing touches on a 7" for release in the new year...cant wait, until then here's their hit PitBull, you haven't heard it yet? .... loser.

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