Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Multiple Man

Multiple Man, Northcote Social Club, June 23 2013.
They must be brothers: just about to start and the synth guy takes the guitar off of his partner and tunes it…then hands it back to him!  There was some very cool, very danceable, very gothy/oldskool/punky  synth-pop emanating from these guys who were down from Brisvegas last weekend, this one is a cover of Buddy by Flying Nun legends (it says here) Snapper, top stuff!!
Apparently the twins will be back down south in November with a new cassette release, they have a single in the pipeline but heres my favourite - one of  the many hits on their debut tape : Body Double  : its a cracker...a little bit fad gadget , a little bit thumping, a little bit fucken awesome. One of those songs that justs kicks into gear and keeps skittering along till it hits the wall like a shopping trolley full of stolen VCRs...

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